Brick Replacements

Replacing spalling or damaged bricks is much more effective to the buildings structure and appearance than repairs.


It is very hard to always source the exact match but we try our utmost to get a nearest match as possible ie: size (imperial - metric) colour and texture to the adjacent brickwork.




Damaged bricks are removed carefully so the surrounding brickwork is kept in tact, this operation is usually carried out with a:

  • hammer and Plugging Chisel
  • Arbortech brick saw
  • If the brickwork is more dense a lightweight Hilti breaker may be used.


Replacement bricks are then bedded in usually with the mortar that the structure was originally built with ie: Lime Mortar or Sand & Cement , we ensure that the mortar is packed to the back of the the replacement brick so there are no air pockets or cavities between the bricks themselves.