A. Where two or more cracks are close together these may be stitched using one continuous length of Bar which must be long enough to extend 500mm beyond the outer cracks. e.g. if there are three cracks, each 250mm apart, then the overall length of Bar required would be 1.5m.


B. The horizontal slot, normally the mortar bed, can be cut using a twin diamond blade chaser with vacuum attachment, an angle grinder or a mortar chisel.


C. All mortar must be removed, together with any loose debris, to ensure a sound bond.


D. Prepare the slot with iPrimer or thoroughly wet the slot with clean water.


E. As standard, slots should be 10mm wide to accommodate the 6mm diameter Bar.


F. Resin bond is the recommended bonding agent. PolyPlus resin is used for smaller jobs and where loads are to be rapidly applied.


G. Compatible with lime mortars.




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